Don't forget about currentColor

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Written by Ritchie Jacobs

With CSS preprocessors like SASS or LESS being a must to use in every new project we often forget that CSS already comes with some powerful built-in features nowadays. One such feature is the currentColor keyword.

This property allows you to use the color value on other properties such as border-color and background-color.

If you want to create an outline button that always has the same text color and border color you can just do this:

<div style="color: red; border: 1px solid currentColor">button</div>

It also inherits the color of its parent:

<div style="color: blue;">
  <div style="background-color: currentColor">child</div>

This can be very handy when your are building UI components and also helps keeping our code a little shorter.

The currentColor keyword is supported in all major browsers.